Open Assessment of Swiss Economy and Society

  • Identification of the environmental and social drivers and resource related risks of Swiss production and consumption.
  • Complete sustainability assessment of current Swiss production and consumption.
  • Quantification of the external social and environmental costs and the relationship of Swiss production and consumption to planetary boundaries, applying site-dependent impact assessment.

Collaboration of

This project aims to quantify the global environmental and social burdens associated with current Swiss production and consumption from a life-cycle perspective. It intends to substantially improve on the current state of knowledge by adaptively coupling detailed process-specific inventory data from the ecoinvent database with multi-regional industry-sector specific input-output (MRIO) data from the EXIOBASE database.

Special attention is dedicated to the scientifically sound combination of data from different sources, aggregation levels, and physical/economic layers. Moreover, quantitative social indicators from the Social Hotspots Database will be integrated into the ecoinvent database.

Based on this global, consistent, and comprehensive dataset, we will identify location-dependent hot spots and leverage points for the environmental and social impacts of Swiss production and consumption, and determine areas where improvements carry the smallest economic burdens or even provide economic benefits.

We will also consider and quantify resource dependencies, criticalities, and risks of key Swiss industries.

During the project, we will create or update inventory data shown to be particularly important, uncertain, or outdated.


The project is part of the National Research program NRP73 "Sustainable Economy" and is funded by the Swiss National Science foundation.