Paul Scherrer Institute

Dr. Chris Mutel
Research scientist, PI of OASES
Chris is professionally and personally committed to making sustainability information more available, robust, and understandable. To this end, he builds open tools and data management strategies, and researches the role of spatial and temporal scale in LCA. He is the lead developer of the Brightway LCA software toolkit, chair of BONSAI, and blogs here about the technical details of LCA.
Christian Bauer
Research scientist
Christian coordinates the LCA activities within the Technology Assessment Group at PSI. He has been working there since 2003, primarily focusing on Life Cycle and Sustainability Assessment of current and future energy systems, mobility technologies and fuel supply processes. He is member of the board of the ecoinvent association.
Aleksandra Kim
Doctoral student
In her doctoral work Aleksandra addresses the issue of uncertainties and data quality in life cycle inventories by utilising Sensitivity Analysis and Uncertainty Quantification techniques. She is also interested in statistical tools for data analysis in LCA, algorithms and efficient computations. In the scope of the  OASES project, her primary focus lies in integrated sustainability assessment of Swiss consumption.

University of Freiburg

Prof. Dr. Stefan Pauliuk
Head of Industrial Ecology Group
Stefan is an expert in sustainable development strategies. His work includes supply chain analysis, scenario modelling for sustainable material futures, and indicator development for resource efficiency and circular economy strategies. Together with colleagues he estimated current in-use stocks of steel and developed scenarios for material efficiency in the future steel cycle that show the substantial greenhouse gas emissions mitigation potential of material efficiency.
Arthur Jakobs
Doctoral student
Arthur's work focuses on a first principles approach to the hybridisation of LCA data and environmentally extended input output models. With his background in statistical modelling in astrophysics, he has a strong interest in the uncertainty in the models currently employed in industrial ecology and as such the uncertainty in hybrid LCA models.


Dr. Patrick Waeger
Head of Technology & Society Laboratory
Patrick has background in chemistry, philosophy and sociology. After his doctoral thesis in environmental sciences at ETH Zürich, he worked as an environmental consultant and later joined Empa. Currently, he is the head of Empa’s Technology & Society Laboratory, which explores the potentials and limitations of novel materials and emerging technologies to support transitions to a more sustainable society, with a focus on the analysis and evaluation of material and energy stocks and flows.
Dr. Roland Hischier
Head of the Advancing LCA Group
Roland is the Head of the Advancing LCA Group within the Technology & Society Laboratory at Empa. He holds a PhD from ETH Zürich. After having spent 3 years in the ecology department of a private company, he joined Empa in the beginning of 2000. As an LCA specialist, he was involved in numerous LCA studies dealing mainly with ICT, mobility and nanotechnology. He is currently the president of the board of ecoinvent, having contributed to its content and management for almost 20 years.
Marcus Berr
Doctoral student
"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." (Albert Einstein). Having this in mind, Marcus is pleased to contribute to the creation of knowledge for achieving an environmentally friendly and sustainable economy and society. Within his work package of OASES, he assesses supply risks along global Swiss supply chains to be able to provide solutions for a more sustainable supply of goods and services.


Dr. Gregor Wernet
Executive director
Gregor is the executive director of ecoinvent and has been involved with it since 2005. He is also the editor for chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Originally hailing from Germany, he has a PhD in chemistry from ETH Zurich.  Gregor has been heavily involved in the development of ecoinvent version 3.  He maintains a tight network with all actors of the LCA fields, from government to NGOs to industrial associations.
Dr. Guillaume Bourgault
Project Manager
Guillaume has a strong background in chemical engineering and LCA. His doctoral thesis focused on uncertainty issues emerging at the interface of inventory and impact assessment. At ecoinvent he supports the team in scientific programming, makes sure that information flows smoothly between data suppliers, clients, licensees, impact assessment and software developers. He runs database-wide assessment to ensure consistency and rigor.